Physical Therapists

The best patient care requires a comprehensive plan and consistent understanding through all phases of treatment. Communication between surgeon and therapist is essential to getting optimal results through the variety of injuries we treat.

Dr. Scholl has specific protocols for various injury types, which may be found here. Please note, that additional instructions may accompany the therapy prescription if the surgical findings dictate advancement in a different fashion than the usual protocol. Files attached are in downloadable .pdf format. Files are viewable with the free Adobe Reader, or many other .pdf viewing applications.

If Therapists have questions about the progression plan or see any concerning findings at the patient’s appointment, they are encouraged to contact Dr. Scholl directly. Dr. Scholl wants everyone on the ‘Recovery Team’ from patient to therapist to surgeon to be on the same page, working together for great results!

Small RTC Rehab

Large RTC Rehab

ACL Rehab

S.L.A.P. Rehab

Anterior Bankart Rehab

Post Bankart Rehab

Lateral Ankle Sprain – Gr I & II

Lateral Ankle Sprain – Grade III