Office Visit

If you have an appointment scheduled, we have some suggestions to make your visit go as smoothly as possible:


Please try to arrive prior to your scheduled time. This will allow for time to fill-out, or update paperwork. Parking can sometimes get crowded in our building lot, and extra time will allow you to find a space and remain on schedule.

If you arrive more than 15 minutes after your scheduled appointment time, we cannot guarantee to be able to see you that day.


Bring your current insurance card.

Please be ready to list current medical problems, medications and dosing schedule. It may be helpful to write this down prior to your visit.

If you have had previous surgery or treatment on the injured part you are having evaluated, please bring any information you have regarding that treatment. This may include operative notes, clinical notes, arthroscopic photos or other documentation. The more specific information you have about any prior treatment, the better Dr. Scholl will be able to diagnose current issues.

Bring any studies related to the current injury, including MRI, X-Rays, EMG/NCV, CT scan or others.


Your first visit with Dr. Scholl, will involve filling out new patient forms regarding your current injury, as well as medical and surgical history, family medical history, current state of health, medications and relevant social history.

Most new patients will get X-Rays taken as part of a complete evaluation. Even if you have had another study, such as an MRI, X-Rays will usually be taken. If you have X-Rays done previously, bring them on a CD to review. If prior X-Rays do not include all of Dr. Scholl’s standard views, additional films may be taken to complete the series.

A physical examination will be completed to evaluate the involved joint or body part.

A treatment plan will be decided. Sometimes this treatment plan is preliminary while further diagnostic evaluation is performed.

Please be patient. We do our best to have the clinic stay on schedule, but everyone’s injury is equally important to us, so we invest the time necessary to develop the right plan of treatment with every patient. Most of the time we can anticipate how long this will take and we schedule standard time slots, however sometimes complex injuries involve more time and we run late. Dr. Scholl will not take less time than necessary for thorough care with you or another patient.


For shoulder examinations – wear or bring comfortable clothing that will allow for visual and manual examination as well as full range-of-motion testing. Women may prefer to wear an athletic or tank top layer for the exam. A gown will be provided if clothing does not allow for complete examination.

For knee examinations – wear or bring shorts to allow for visual and manual examination as well as full range-of-motion testing. If your clothing does not allow for complete examination, we will provide snazzy paper shorts.

Other injuries – a complete examination will include visual and manual examination as well as range-of-motion testing. Please wear or bring clothing that allows full exam.