Dr. Scholl: Speaker at UPTA Spring Conference

Dr. Scholl is an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in ACL surgery and other sports injuries, one of his recent speaking engagements was at the Utah Physical Therapy Association’s Spring Conference. He was asked to speak about the latest concepts and controversies in ACL reconstruction. This was a great event, with Physical Therapists from all over the state in attendance. A packed-house listened to Dr. Scholl talk about some of the basics of ACL function and anatomy, then on to more advanced material. He covered many of the latest developments on how to best reconstruct this commonly injured ligament, and how we are doing with getting athletes back to sport after reconstructive surgery. The answer? ACL reconstruction has become one of the most reliable surgeries performed with very high rates of satisfaction in patients and very high rates of return to sport, when performed with up-to-date techniques.