My Practice

Dr. Scholl is an Orthopedic Surgeon who sub-specializes in what is called ‘Sports Orthopedic Surgery’. This means that he has done additional Fellowship training in this field of Orthopedics and the main scope of his practice is Sports Orthopedic Surgery.

What is Sports Orthopedic Surgery?

Orthopedic Surgery primarily deals with injury and illness of the muscles, bones, joints and connective tissues throughout the body. The sub-specialty of Sports Orthopedic Surgery deals with a range of injuries from simple to complex, mainly of the knee and shoulder. Sports Orthopedic Surgery also deals with the many other injuries and issues that confront athletes in organized and recreational sports. The “Team Physician” for any type of sport is usually a Sports Orthopedic Surgeon and Dr. Scholl serves in this capacity for a number of local and national teams.

Advanced arthroscopic techniques are often employed to begin the restorative process after a significant injury. Dr. Scholl has developed extensive skills in arthroscopic treatment, to minimize the invasive effects of surgery, in order to get athletes back on the field as quickly as possible.

Does Dr. Scholl only see elite athletes?

No. In fact, many or Dr. Scholl’s patients are not involved in athletics at all. Caring for professional and other high level athletes provides a basis of knowledge and expertise that is then used to treat injuries in a broad variety of patients. So whether you are a professional athlete, a recreational athlete, an outdoorsman, or even if you don’t care for sports at all, Dr. Scholl is able to evaluate and treat your injuries.

The Office

Dr. Scholl is in practice with Dr. David Howe and Dr. Andrew Cooper. Comprehensive Orthopedics & Sports Medicine has two office locations: Downtown – just off South Temple on 1100 East, and in Sandy in the Office Tower at Jordan Commons.